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We create innovations that make your life easier! LOGICDATA develops mechatronic system solutions for motor controls, control elements and actuators for adjustable furniture in your home- and office area. Oct 10, 2003. The ideal thesis mentor should be successful as a scientist, experienced as a mentor, and willing to commit the time and resources needed for you to become successful yourself. Your relationship with your thesis adviser will be most intense from the time you enter the lab to the time you depart with your. Mentor evaluation of diploma thesis Student Emmanouil Lioudakis Mentor of the thesis Assoc. Prof. Veronika Opletalov, Ph.D. Year of the defence 2015 The masters thesis or PhD dissertation can be a daunting task for any graduate student. In this section, youll find advice for every stage of your project, from organizing, staying on track, and utilizing a support group, to working with your committee, overcoming procrastination, and navigating the final steps, including the.

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