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It is a feeling of love and enthusiasm for something, and in a direct, simple, passionate and true way, you try to show this beauty in things to others, by drawing it. And Van Goghs little drawing on the cheap note paper was a work of art because he loved the sky and the frail lamppost against it so seriously that he made the. writing a business plan Hours could be spend while drawing a picture, yet we might not know it, if we are really interested into it. Beautiful pictures with little colors or from a single color could be drawn and bring life to pictures that seem lifeless. If you really have a passion towards painting and drawing, you could just create wonders. Are you passionate about drawing? Just like many other things in life, if you love what you are doing then it will be much easier to succeed at it!

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colorito, coloringnot only color but also its judicious applicationwas deemed fundamental to conceiving painted images charged with the look of life. Florentine color was frequently more vivid than the palette used in Venetian paintings typically Venetian, however, was the process of layering and blending colors to. Jan 30, 2012. Why do you say this is your passion, as it may be manifested in your personality, personal history and lineage? I started drawing when I was in Grade 1 and from thereon I feel excited and inspired every time there is an opportunity for me to create an artwork. My mother said I got this art skill from my father.

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