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Here are some Dos and Donts about resumes and career searches for the silver worker. Do Use a combination of a chronological and functional resume to highlight your job accomplishments. Do Focus on the last ten years of your work experience, giving dates and listing accomplishments for these jobs. If youre 50 or older, you have so much value to bring to prospective employersexperience, hard skills, a track record of industry know-how. So its a bit ironic that all your expertise could wind up working against you when youre looking for a job. By structuring your resume strategically, you can combat ageism in your job. Jan 17, 2018. This article helps older workers choose an effective resume format, explains the pros and cons of each, and contains an example that can be downloaded.

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Resumes for Older Workers

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Mar 12, 2017. Separate research published recently by the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank found that in a widespread test using fabricated resumes, fictional older workers were 30 percent less likely to be contacted after applying for jobs. Fictional older women had it even worse, being 47 percent less likely to get a.

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